Julia went for a bike ride with my grandmother. When she came back, she informed my mom that “It was fun, but I pooped!” and headed for the bathroom. My mom assuming the worst, went in after her. She discovered that Julia had in fact not pooped.
“I meant to say I WAS pooped.”


“Mommy, what do you call a heel when it’s hurt? You wait for it to heal up!”


A very sturdy cast.

Julia broke her arm and had me sign her cast (with a pink highlighter of course).


I got an iPhone for my bithday so I gave my old iPod Touch to my mom. She left it around somewhere and Julia found it.

I recieved it back with a note taped to it.

Dere Connr I fanb thes Love Julia









Translated, it reads:

“Dear Connor, I found this. Love,  Julia”

She said she was hoping for an award for finding my “lost” item.



Trying her hand at gardening.

For swim team Senior Night, all the senior moms got boutineers. My mom took hers off when she got home, probably intending to pitch it, but Julia had a better idea.


The easiest part about these posts is that I rarely have to write them.

A lovely poem by Julia and her friend.


Julia is a hungry little girl. After church she always is eager to go get some lunch.

“Let’s go to Skylimes!”